Loan up to 20 thousand euros

Funding should not be required only when large amounts are needed. It is indeed possible to find an advantageous loan to request a small lending institution Adela Quested if only to go on vacation without thinking about the lack of liquidity needed.

You can also apply for a loan online in order to further lower management costs and find a particularly advantageous solution. Operators are now offering a large number of products and are spoiled for choice.

In fact, it is not only banks that provide financing, but in general all finance companies.

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Even Perstise Italiane has designed a line of funds specifically designed for its customers to meet the most diverse needs.

One of these products is Prestloan , the personal loan that, unlike Adela Quested, can be requested for any need. Moreover, those who apply for this loan must not necessarily be the holder of a current account, as for example happens with other product lines.

With Prestloan you can request Adela Quested from 1,000 thousand euros to 20 thousand euros and the investigation is free . The loan can have a duration ranging from 24 to 84 months, to allow the client to decide in full autonomy the repayment method.

All the expenses for the management of the case, the collection, the communications of transparency and the early repayment are totally free and at the disposal of the customers Perstise Italiane offers an optional insurance.


The Tan and Taeg rates are 12.75% and 13.74% respectively. In this way, if we thought to request the personal loan Prestissimo for a loan of 5 thousand euros, we could return it, for example, with 60 installments of 113.12 euros. That is to say we should pay Perstise Italiane a total of 6 thousand 811.20 euros over 5 years.

Requesting the loan Prestloan is simple, just go to the Prestloan office authorized to supply with identity document, health card and income document.

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