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Loan repayment Reduce your loan and save money

This guide covers loan repayment and related concepts. First, we will look at different loan repayment methods, and then introduce the different types of loan repayment approaches. These attitudes can help you reduce your credit. There are three common ways to repay your loans: annuity loan, lump sum loan, and short term loan. The terms […]

SMS loan for pensioners

Without some household appliances today we can hardly do without it. Automatic washing machine, refrigerator, stove – common equipment is used daily and with their help of course we count until a sudden defect occurs. Unfortunately, for most breakdowns, service companies will suggest a single solution – buying a new appliance. Even with the best […]

More mortgage for two-income households in 2020

Two-income households can get more mortgages next year. This is clear from the changed mortgage standards for 2020 that have now been announced as a concept. More mortgage for two-income households in 2020 Double-income households can receive more mortgages next year based on their joint income. In 2020, the highest income may be increased by […]

What about borrowing money for buyer costs? | Payday Loans

Costs buyer co-financing can no longer be standard with your mortgage. You can only borrow 100% of the selling price of your house. What do you do if you have insufficient savings but still want to buy that dream house? Borrowing money to finance your buyer costs is the most obvious option. In this blog […]

Loan up to 20 thousand euros

Funding should not be required only when large amounts are needed. It is indeed possible to find an advantageous loan to request a small lending institution Adela Quested if only to go on vacation without thinking about the lack of liquidity needed. You can also apply for a loan online in order to further lower […]